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7 Superfoods That Combat Winter Colds

By On January 9, 2015

Weather the winter months by loading up on nutrient-rich foods to strengthen your immune system. The seven superfoods highlighted below can specifically help us ward off colds this time of year. Of… Read More

Personal Development

25 Resolutions for Happiness

By On January 9, 2015

There is so much to #GetThankful for this new year, and it’s always the perfect time to resolve to be happy! After all, as Aristotle said, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” Below are… Read More

Earth & Humanity

How Plants and Trees Raise Your Vibration

By On January 8, 2015

Treehugging sometimes gets a bad rap, but don’t let that keep you from experiencing this healing embrace! Interacting with the plant kingdom ignites significant psychological and physiological benefits. It is also incredibly… Read More


Wake Up: The Incredible Benefits of Japanese Water Therapy

By On January 8, 2015

Along with Reiki practitioner Ssanyu Birigwa, our co-founders, Millana Snow and Erin Ralph, wrapped up 2014 drinking a gallon of water each day — and the results of the cleanse were incredible!… Read More

Personal Development

Letting Go Means Letting Be

By On January 1, 2015

“What’s the greater risk? Letting go of what people think - or letting go of how I feel, what I believe, and who I am?” Author Brené Brown poses this question in… Read More

Community Content

Raw Woman

By On December 30, 2014

Deeply asleep for most of my life, I made rather a few monumental mistakes in the past, during a time when my actions were misguided by a dysfunctional value system. Some of… Read More

Community Content

40 Days + 40 Nights: A Transformation Diary by Millana & Erin (Days 21-40)

By On December 30, 2014

In this post, SERENE co-founders Millana Snow and Erin Ralph committed to finishing off the year, 40 days and 40 nights to be exact, doing daily rituals of self-love and self-care exercises… Read More

Personal Development

Humility and Higher Consciousness

By On December 27, 2014

Many highly evolved people have subdued their egos and attribute their great gifts to a higher power. This ability to subjugate the ego and give anonymously without need for credit is a… Read More


Nourishing Yoga Poses for Winter

By On December 26, 2014

Winter is a wonderful time to rest and replenish ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we should neglect our yoga practice. In fact, yoga can encourage better health and overall well-being during this… Read More


How to Access the Neutral Mind This Holiday Season

By On December 25, 2014

The holiday season can be a chaotic time, but it can also be incredibly peaceful. Keeping up with our self-love practices during this period can prevent us from becoming overwhelmed by the… Read More