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Our Very Own Leslie Saglio on Living Healthy in London

By On February 4, 2015

LoveThisCity by MasterCard caught up with SERENE’s Leslie Saglio in London! Read on for her tips and advice to stay healthy, no matter what city you call home. By Lucy McGuire -… Read More


A Strengthening Workout Meditation to Do Before You Exercise

By On February 2, 2015

This guided meditation will help focus your attention and develop positive intentions before you work out. Meditating before you work out or play a sport can be tremendously helpful for increasing focus… Read More


Walk Your Way to Vibrant Health

By On January 14, 2015

Lift your spirits and improve your health by incorporating a gentle, low-impact exercise into your daily routine. Whether you’re strolling through an enchanted forest or picking up the pace on a treadmill,… Read More


Nourishing Yoga Poses for Winter

By On December 26, 2014

Winter is a wonderful time to rest and replenish ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we should neglect our yoga practice. In fact, yoga can encourage better health and overall well-being during this… Read More


Winter Solstice Yoga Flow

By On December 21, 2014

The Winter Solstice is a time of great celebration, like a New Year’s festivity for Mother Earth! Symbolic of rebirth and renewal, it’s a beautiful opportunity for reflection and aligning with nature’s… Read More

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Top 5 Things You Must Do Before the End of the Year

By On December 13, 2014

I took a bootcamp workout class today. How to describe? One hour of nonstop huffing, puffing, panting and sweating. Three letters just keep coming to mind: O-M-G. I have never pushed that… Read More


Five Simple Breakfast Recipes for a Healthy Start to Your Day

By On December 12, 2014

According to Ayurveda, lunch is the most important meal of the day; however, having a balanced breakfast is important. Fresh ingredients like fruit provide essential nutrients and antioxidants to support our health… Read More

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Finding the Joy in Yoga with Lucy Bruegger

By On December 5, 2014

“Remember, it doesn’t matter how deep into a posture you go – what does matter is who you are when you get there.” These are the words of speaker, author, and trainer… Read More

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Living Your Yoga with Karin Lilleberg

By On November 28, 2014

Yoga is a beautiful opportunity for self-discovery, and each practice is uniquely transformative. Karin Lilleberg, lead teacher of our SERENE London Sweat Lodge series, has been a disciple of yoga for over… Read More


How Yogis Spend Their Sundays

By On November 16, 2014

Ah, the weekend! For many, this is a time to rest, restore and revive ourselves. For others, it’s about accomplishing tasks and preparing for the week ahead. We learn how seven yogis… Read More