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How to Decorate with the 5 Feng Shui Elements

By On February 22, 2015

We recently learned about the four classical elements and their relationship to astrology. The five feng shui elements — wood, fire, earth, metal and water — vary slightly. For instance, in feng shui,… Read More


Goods: Our Favorite Winter Comforts

By On February 1, 2015

In this edition: Libre Tea travel glasses, Fibre Tibet hand knit scarves, Electric Love dream catchers, In2Green throws, Shea Terra body butter, Cayouchi organic robes and more. We share some of our… Read More


A Single-Ingredient Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

By On January 28, 2015

Evidence seems to show that the aluminum in antiperspirants and deodorants is linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. Plus, it blocks our pores and prevents us from sweating, which is… Read More

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The New Age of Luxury Fashion

By On January 27, 2015

At SERENE, we’re big supporters of conscious fashion. We recently shared how Victoria Road is bridging the gap between style and compassion, and we’d love to put another purpose-driven fashion company on… Read More


Breakouts? This Face Map Reveals the Internal Source

By On January 7, 2015

The ancient art of face mapping, which combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, can help us navigate and explore our overall health. It correlates to the fact that skin, our largest organ,… Read More


11 Steps to Detox Your Bedroom

By On January 3, 2015

Together, we’ve learned how to Feng Shui our homes and even cleanse our living spaces of unwanted energy. For many of us, our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, the place we retreat to… Read More


Rebecca Casciano’s Green Beauty Q&A: Holiday Gift Ideas

By On December 23, 2014

I’m piecing together a tote of non-toxic, clean personal care products for my mom for the holidays. She uses hand creams, body lotions/oils and face moisturizers, and likes things like eye care… Read More

Home & Lifestyle

Victoria Road: Bridging the Gap Between Style and Compassion

By On December 23, 2014

Victoria Road brings the fashion globe full circle, by traveling the world each season to curate conscious collections rich in tradition and design. As an international project and energy lawyer focused on emerging… Read More


Beautiful Benefits of Dry Body Brushing

By On November 23, 2014

Skin is our largest organ, and it’s estimated to be responsible for eliminating one-third of our bodies’ daily impurities. Dry skin brushing can assist in this process, as well as providing more… Read More


The Spiritual Power of Hair

By On November 21, 2014

“The hairs on your head may seem ordinary, but each hair is an ambassador of truth. Please receive the credentials of your hair. Observe them well and discover every message that each… Read More