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We Are 10 Steps Away From Utopia, Find Out Where You Stand!

By On March 28, 2014

It is really quite simple: the world can be a place of incredible abundance, joy and opportunity for every being, if only we choose love, common sense and compassion above all else.… Read More

Community Content

Vaunt & Sol presented by LAUNCH NYC

By On March 18, 2014

Photo via Vaunt & Sol Playing dress up is still and will forever be one of my favorite things to do.  Dressing is a transformational experience. On any given day you choose… Read More

Earth & Humanity

7 Eco-Friendly Brands That Are Changing The World

By On March 14, 2014

This Article First Appeared At Urban Times: Do you care about where your clothes come from? These days a lot of people do and it’s given rise to an eco-fashion movement. It… Read More

Earth & Humanity

Want To Become More Self-Sufficient? Find Out How To Build A Vertical Veggie Farm!

By On March 12, 2014

Britta Riley wanted to grow her own food (in her tiny apartment). So she and her friends developed a system for growing plants in discarded plastic bottles — researching, testing and tweaking the… Read More


20 Places To Find Local Food And Family Farms Near You!

By On March 10, 2014

This Article First Appeared At Truth Theory: So where are they all hiding? Search engines are actually terrible at locating these underground hubs, which makes it so frustrating to try and opt… Read More


SERENE 360:Talk with Claudia Chan & Suparna Bhasin

By On February 14, 2014

Check out this video Claudia Chan and Suparna Bhasin sharing their vision at a SERENE event!… Read More

Community Content

Erin Ralph: Igniting Women Since Childhood

By On February 10, 2014

Writer A.E. Fairfield interviewed both Erin and Millana of SERENE as part of Feminine Weapon’s spotlight on empowered women. Above Erin (left) is pictured with Feminine Weapon’s Christina Weber. To learn more… Read More

Personal Development

5 Hidden Assumptions That Keep Women From Living Larger

By On February 7, 2014

By Kathy Caprino In working with thousands of career women who also have children, and being a parent myself, I’ve experienced just how challenging it is to balance contributing as we wish to… Read More

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Millana Snow: The Calm and Cool Project Runway Winner

By On January 15, 2014

  Writer A.E. Fairfield interviewed both Millana and Erin of SERENE as part of Feminine Weapon’s spotlight on empowered women. To learn more about Erin click here. With her shock of curly hair… Read More


Yes, You Can Sleep In and Still be Successful!

By On December 22, 2013

I’m putting my foot down — you don’t have to get up at 5 a.m. to be successful and productive. In recent months, article after article has been published about what “successful”… Read More