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Earth & Humanity

Why Your Moon Sign Matters

By On March 2, 2015

2014 was the year I learned to love my Moon sign. With a headstrong Aries Sun and outgoing Sagittarius rising, there’s been a tendency in my life for my sensitive, comfort-loving Cancer Moon… Read More

Home & Lifestyle

Here’s How to Use Your Mala

By On March 1, 2015

A mala is a string of beads, used to chant the names of God. It’s the same thing as prayer beads, or a rosary. A Hindu mala typically has either 108 beads… Read More

Personal Development

Surrender These 15 Toxic Beliefs

By On February 28, 2015

There are so many limiting and toxic beliefs we hold on to, beliefs that keep us from living the happy, joyful and meaningful life we all deserve to live. And by giving… Read More


Try This Healthy, Vegan Caramel Frappuccino Recipe

By On February 27, 2015

From pesticides and high fructose corn syrup to GMOs and caramel coloring, there are several reasons you might choose not to line up at your local Starbucks. Not to mention, the cost… Read More


Make Love Parade NYC a Reality

By On February 26, 2015

Love Parade NYC is for those who believe that speaking out against injustice is the right thing to do, but in a way that aids the solution. Let’s come together as a… Read More

Earth & Humanity

Mother Wisdom

By On February 25, 2015

We come into this wonderful world empty-minded and we will depart it empty-handed. Wisdom, the Divine Feminine, lights the way for us to move between these moments with freedom and grace. As… Read More

Community Content

The Meditation Generation

By On February 25, 2015

Did you see what SERENE co-founder Millana Snow had to say about meditation on Well+Good this week? We’re delighted and grateful to share the info below, just in case you missed it.… Read More


A Look at Beautification Objects from Ancient Egypt

By On February 24, 2015

Desiring to enjoy and ensure worldly pleasures in the afterlife, the Ancient Egyptians have provided historians with rich records filled with information regarding their culture.  Beauty and youth were two traits that… Read More

Home & Lifestyle

How to Decorate with the 5 Feng Shui Elements

By On February 22, 2015

We recently learned about the four classical elements and their relationship to astrology. The five feng shui elements — wood, fire, earth, metal and water — vary slightly. For instance, in feng shui,… Read More


Eat These 7 Foods for a Healthy Vagina

By On February 20, 2015

The foods we eat can influence the pH of our vaginas. A naturally acidic pH is healthy, and so is having plenty of good bacteria to prevent infection. As we learn below,… Read More