It being the month of love, and with her book launching in SereneHouse this Sunday, I felt it was the perfect time to correspond with Yoga teacher, author, trailblazer, and all around beauty Lauren Imparato about her own experiences and what she’s learned in love, relationships and wellness.

Millana: I remember you told me that you have been married for 15 years -is that right?

Lauren: We have been together since July 2002 - almost 14 years! But only married a little over 2. We decided to take our time in formally getting married even though we were fully together with joint bank account, life insurance and lives long long before.

M: After being in a relationship for almost 2 decades, what would you tell your former single self about marriage and relationships? What advice do you remember seeking that you would tell yourself now if you could go back in time?

L: I actually wouldn’t tell my single self much - I never wanted a boyfriend or had any urge to get married. I happened to meet Jorge right after college and it actually really stressed me out!! I fell in love but did not want to be in love with the love of my life so young. I ended up taking a little few month break after 2 years so I could make sure he really was the one for me. I think if I hadn’t done that we wouldn’t be as happy as we are now. Basically - don’t be afraid to dance on tables and do it your way. If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be!

M: The dialogue around Valentine’s Day has shifted a lot lately, from romance and changing the relationship status to self love and healing… what’s your take on the holiday?

L: For starters, I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day with anyone aside from my mother - and self care should be every day! I think people are just a bit over saturated with all the advertising and are trying to find a new angle to all the commercialization. Self care, love, and good vibes should be every day. No need to be drowning in pink and red for that to happen!

M: It is a time of year where there seems to be emphasis on being in a relationship #cuddleweather, how do you work on getting closer with your husband- emotionally, spiritually, psychically etc?

L: We constantly work on our relationship, each other, and ourselves. Listening is the most important thing - but really listening. From there you may realize that the simplest of gestures, like holding their hand, can go the longest of ways. Or my favorite under asked question in relationships - how are you and how was your day. Asking this and listening to the answer will automatically make you closer.

M: What is the biggest lesson that marriage has taught you about loving yourself?

L: That it’s ok. He loves me how I am. And he sees everything I see but through a different lens - ie not exactly as I see it. It’s actually quite RETOX. I talk a lot in my book RETOX about perception of self and others. When I am girl-freaking about my alien baby bloat he usually just tells me I’m crazy - which reminds me I am harshly perceiving myself and he loves me no matter what, and that I should learn to love myself like that too.

M: Any parting words on love, self love, being single or in a relationship??

L: Just breathe! It all comes at the right time for the right reason. Don’t force yourself into a relationship just because you think you need to be in one, or engaged, or married, or pregnant by a certain age. I call this I HAVE TO in RETOX. Instead just be you and the right person will land right before you when you least expect it. And like that you probably will be happier than you ever imagined - in mind body and life the #RETOX way.

In RETOX Lauren shares common sense nutrition, practical mindset skills, and a brand of yoga she designed for her hundreds of clients who are driven go-getters, like herself. With a toolkit of Yoga, Nourishment and Mindset “cocktails,” Lauren addresses modern life’s 20 most common conditions and conundrums, from hangovers, blues, to energy lows. She calls them “cocktails” because they combine potent ingredients from millennia-old traditions with today’s sciences, and they can be imbibed in the midst of your daily routine.


Love, Millana Snow

Co-Founder, SERENE Social

MILLANA SNOWMillana is one of the co-founders of SERENE, a Reiki healer, model, tv host, and vegan foodie. You can catch her hanging out in Meat Packing in Manhattan or on Rose in Venice Beach sippin a green juice while planning the next rooftop takeover!

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