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Our friend and collaborator Lauren Imparato is launching her book today, Retox. Check it out and also take a listen to this incredible exclusive playlist from Lauren! Its a really good one, enjoy! Check out Congrats on the book launch, Lauren! Lauren will be teaching for us during our NYFW pop up next week, so stay tuned for how you can experience her method in the flesh! Love, Tegan Bukowski Co-Founder, SERENE   About Tegan Tegan is a vinyasa yoga teacher, architect and product designer, insatiable traveler, and co-founder of SERENE.

Our friends at Bella Kinesis are starting a new campaign called “Give it Another Go” focused on encouraging women who have been discouraged by early life attempts at sportiness in school to try again…to give it another go!  I can relate to this - in high school I told myself I was terrible at basketball but recently played a game just for fun and had a blast!  We put so much pressure on ourselves as young people to be the best or be talented right away when having fun and being healthy should be the focus!  Bella Kinesis are having a... View Article

Some say that our herbalists and natural dyers were once our witches…The women who knew the power and healing qualities of the plants and minerals around us; how to derive and use these attributes for medicinal, nutritional or ritualistic value and seek their way through the forests and wildernesses to find a certain plant. Some people believe that they also discovered the color potential in some plant varieties. When they brewed their potions and elixirs, perhaps they splashed their clothing and saw colors develop & last…Later, going back to those same plants for their color. I like the idea that... View Article

Our London Lead and this month’s SERENE editor and co-founder Tegan Bukowski caught up with Leila Francis Coleman, the founder of Aquaphysical. We wanted to know how a woman squarely in the hustle and bustle of corporate London made the leap into starting her own (fabulous) fitness company. Aquaphysical is a new type of workout that is different from anything we have ever tried. Tegan took her class at the Barbican a few weeks ago, and it was one of the funnest, most challenging workouts she has had in ages. Basically you stand on a board (that Leila designed) in... View Article

For some reason, when people see a kind young woman they’re surprised to find that she’s a force to be reckoned with; that beyond the mild-mannered exterior resides powerful rivers of living water. Perhaps they don’t realize that power is like love in that it is patient, and kind, and does not boast. Speaking with WTF Digital founder Natasha Garoosi there’s something present that lets you know there are entire oceans just beyond her warm smile and sincere energy. Raised by a Chinese mother born in Columbia, and an Italian and Persian father, Natasha’s magazine reflects the diversity of her... View Article

Before I launched my business, Bella Kinesis, I read ‘Start Something that Matters’ by Blake Mycoskie, the creator of TOMS shoes. I had been feeling a bit lost career wise and was actually working on an application for business school when I suddenly made the decision to start a social enterprise. The idea for a women’s sportswear company had already been lingering in my mind. Having had some fairly negative experiences with sport as a young girl, I wanted to create something much more friendly and identifiable for women. Instead of constantly pushing images of abs and perfectly toned arms,... View Article

I started my company, Yoga Democracy, in the spring of 2014. I launched this spring. My why is simple. I felt there was a disconnect between the principles of yoga (my passion) and the apparel that was being marketed to the growing yoga community. I also believed you could apply ethical principles while still producing something as good as any other brand. Be ethical, but don’t stand solely on ethical principles. That was my mission. My how is more complicated, but may give others some insight into the challenges they may face as they pursue their own sustainable business start-up.... View Article

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