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What happens when friendship is fused with movement, music, and style? The result is RIE + RYN, a lifestyle clothing brand empowering women to accept themselves as they are. Founded by and named after friends Carrie (Rie) and Taryn (Ryn), the line captures their shared passion for freedom and comfort without sacrificing style. SERENE is delighted to partner with RIE + RYN to present a wish list for the month of May. Carrie reveals what kick starts her day, the importance of music, and how RIE + RYN has become a second skin for many women. What are some of... Get the full story

I always leave my gift giving to the very last minute, luckily Im not looking to buy the hover board this year so I wont have to wait in line at Smarter Image to get what I’m looking for. To me, gift giving for Christmas has become a commercial hype to boast the economy, so I try to stay away from the mainstream gifting. But I do love to give gifts that my friends and family will be surprised by, keep on their alter, or use with some skepticism until they secretly use it every day. So, because I suspect... Get the full story

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