This might sound like a shameless plug for SERENE considering I’m the lead for the New York Office, but I love SERENE Social. Do you ever see or observe a group of people and long to be a part of them? Not for any of the benefits you might receive from being connected to them, but just because they have each other, because you want to belong. I might have always felt that way, I might still feel that way at times as well, but never with SERENE. There’s no “you can’t sit with us” vibe or exclusivity about us. Everyone is welcome, and everyone who wants to be is family. That sounds like a tall claim but even when I walk up to a random conversation at one of our events, completely clueless to the topic of conversation, someone sees me, standing on the outside, and finds a way to include me. They fill me in, and maybe I add something to the discussion or voice an opinion, and suddenly I’m a part of it as well. That’s the beautiful thing about what’s happening here, the inclusive nature of the very individuals we connect with. Wellness, holistic health and a positive lifestyle are all major parts of who we are and what we do, but that arms wide open, welcoming energy is at our core. Everyone puts it out and it’s is so present it’s almost corporeal. It’s why I’m here and the real reason I became more active and informed about holistic health and wellness. Also, I’ve always wanted my existence to serve a greater purpose, to somehow contribute to the world in a positive way, and on a large scale.

If there’s something that you feel is missing in your life, something you’re seeking, SERENE cannot fill that void, no one can. We simply do our best to help each other find what that thing is. We’re a community, constantly learning, expanding, becoming, growing, loving, almost like a person; except we have each other to ensure fewer short-comings. That phrase kind of sums everything up, we have each other.

Love, Fiona



About Fiona

Fiona is the New York Lead for SERENE, a writer, social butterfly, and naturally inquisitive about most things. If you meet her, mention God, Harry Potter or Amy Winehouse and you’ll be lifelong friends.



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