Personal Development

Start Living in The Now *Video*

By On March 31, 2015

“For unless one is able to live fully in the present, the future is a hoax. There is no point whatever in making plans for a future which you will never be able to… Read More

Personal Development

10 Powerful Quotes To Remember When Feeling Stuck

By On March 29, 2015

As someone with a keen interest in empowerment and choice, I recently conducted a survey about feeling “stuck”—what triggers it, how we feel about it and what we do in response. More… Read More

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Personal Development

How to Get Your Way Without Being a Control Freak

By On March 27, 2015

by Laurie Gerber I have a confession: I am a control-freak. If you know me, or have followed my writing, you already know this. I want to defend it! It has it’s… Read More

Artwork: Koloman Moser

How to Tap into Angel Guidance *VIDEO*

By On March 24, 2015

Last week we co-hosted a well received angel healing workshop at The Shoreditch House with our new friend angel medium and therapist Dawn Brown. The SERENE team has become very intrigued with… Read More



By On March 23, 2015

Originally found on Okay, so there’s a few ways we could go about doing this. I could tell you exactly how it works to the best of my ability, I could… Read More

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Try These 3 Scrumptious Vegan Recipes

By On March 23, 2015

I love to prepare healthy, yummy meals at home that are satisfying- such a treat. Plus I know EXACTLY what is in the recipe, so I can make sure I’m taking great… Read More

Personal Development

Let Spirit Flow Through You

By On March 22, 2015

We are the embodiment of love; how do we act like it?  Perhaps you are an artist of sorts, an adventurer, or maybe a deep thinker. You could be a  a writer,… Read More


10 Female Revolutionaries You Didn’t Learn About in History Class

By On March 21, 2015

It’s common to come across “revolutionary” type figures who have sparked great changes throughout human history and have had a lasting impact on global consciousness. Names that come to mind are Ghandi, Malcolm… Read More


This is Quite Possibly the Healthiest Cookie in the World

By On March 20, 2015

Yes, there is such a thing as a healthy cookie! As you’ll see, these do not contain any artificial sweeteners. Please note, however, that they are not vegan. We’d love to hear… Read More

Earth & Humanity

A Rare Celestial Trio is Dancing Through Friday’s Sky

By On March 19, 2015

As the eclipse plunges the UK and other places into darkness this Friday, two other rare if less spectacular celestial events will be taking place, too: a Supermoon and the Spring equinox.… Read More

Home & Lifestyle

The DIY Greenhouse of the Future

By On March 18, 2015

Do you ever daydream about living in an EarthShip? There are so many reasons why these sustainable homes are awesome. The inspiring designs of their greenhouses are just one of them! We’ve… Read More


13 St. Patrick’s Day Quotes and Blessings

By On March 17, 2015

Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. But for some, association with the Emerald Isle on March 17 can induce a level of spirit that the true Irish can’t stand. Whether it’s… Read More


Cool Down with This Postworkout Meditation

By On March 16, 2015

Tap in to your heightened energy and focus with this postworkout meditation to cool and relax the body. The breath is one thing that is with you your entire life—from the moment you cry… Read More

Community Content

Revamp Your Routine This Spring

By On March 16, 2015

It’s spring and the time to get grounded, start fresh, and get into your new routine, finally! Check out this short and sweet video on spring routines with eight areas to look at in… Read More


The Universe is God’s Dream

By On March 15, 2015

At SERENE, we’re big fans of Paramahansa Yogananda. In the book Man’s Eternal Quest, a collection of talks and essays from the yogi, he explains the unreality of matter. In the excerpt below, we learn… Read More

Yoga for Bad People
Work & Entrepreneurship

Why Yoga for Bad People Is Oh So Good!

By On March 14, 2015

Rhode Island native Katelin Sisson and Northern California native Heather Lilleston, now both New Yorkers, came together over their passion for yoga and producing retreats for “normal people who want to have fun.”… Read More


Here Are 5 Reasons to Rethink Chicken

By On March 13, 2015

The business behind the world’s most popular animal protein has unsavory secrets. These facts about chicken will make you seriously rethink your dinner. As always, our intent is not to convert you to… Read More


Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets Revealed

By On March 13, 2015

The teachings that were practiced in the ancient Egyptian temples were the same ones later intellectually defined into a literary form by the Indian Sages of Vedanta and Yoga, Dr. Muata Ashby claims in… Read More