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“The jump is so frightening between where I am, and where I want to be. Because of all I may become, I will close my eyes and leap.” - Mary Anne Radmacher Wow. We all get an entire extra day this year to embrace and fill with whatever we chose! Let yourself wander, wonder, and indulge in Kairos (magical time) instead of Chronos (clock time). This shift will begin your leap in the direction of your dreams. A Zen Buddhism quote reminds us to “leap and the net will appear.” I vividly remember two moments in my life where I... Get the full story

The paradox of life coaching is that your coach needs coaching just as much as you do. I learned that a few weeks ago when I took part in Handel Group’s Design Your Life Weekend. It wasn’t something that was expressly stated, rather it was embodied by our head coach Laurie Gerber. She made it perfectly clear that she is an imperfect being and indirectly invited us to accept our own imperfections by being so unapologetically Laurie. There is so much to say about what I learned and how I felt in my 2 day foray into The Handel Method,... Get the full story

​A few months ago I started hearing about Biet Simkin, one of the coolest up-an-coming meditation guides and voices coming out of NYC. I was intrigued by her style and the unique way that she connected to art, music and meditation. So when I was connected to her via email, I knew that I needed to take the chance to have a real dialogue about meditation. Below are snipets of our e-conversation: ​Millana: ​A couple of years ago I had a life changing spiritual experience, for a few months that followed meditation was terrifying because I would go very deep,... Get the full story

We all know that the holidays aren’t about presents, but it can be really difficult to opt out of the commercial extravaganza that defines the season. A great way to still participate in the “giving” aspect of these next few weeks without getting caught up in the excess is to give to a charity in lieu of giving gifts. But giving can get really complicated when you start to consider the economics of all of it. Is your dollar going as far as it can? Is the money going to those who need help or is it tied up in... Get the full story

Many people who know me know that gratitude is my “thing” but not everyone gets why, until they try a daily dedicated gratitude practice for themselves. One of my favorite teachers Abraham Hicks, has a famous quote that goes something like: You only want that thing that you want because you think that in having that thing that you will feel better. The magic of this wisdom has always amazed me. If we step into a place of true gratitude and feel good about what we have and who we are now, just as it is; we in turn will... Get the full story

A lot of people might dismiss the idea of of loving yourself or even believe it’s pointless, selfish or self-absorbed. I can tell you from my own experience, it’s the best thing I’ve done in my life so far. When I was younger, I never accepted myself. I was continuously looking for ways that I could be, do or look better. To a point where I made myself quite ill. I was on a constant search for creating a better version of myself to the detriment of my own happiness. One could argue that a certain amount of this is... Get the full story

Yesterday I went to the doctors office for just some routine things (don’t worry) and I was told when I walked in the door that I would have a 1 hour wait, at least, for my appointment. This is just what everyone wants to hear when they walk into an acetic room full of sniffling people. We have you! You are our hostage for at least an hour of this beautiful day! There are two options of recourse in this scenario: Get angry and cause a scene, or go an sit down and flip through facebook and instagram for 60... Get the full story

Me ygeia is a Greek word that means “with health” in English. Megia is the marriage of the name Meghan and Sophia and represents the spirit in which they do things. It’s a fun hashtag used by two women who’ve discovered they have a lot in common, and it has a nice ring to it. It’s with health in mind that Meghan Kay and Sophia Peppas do most things. As the Senior Global Communications Manager of Christian Louboutin and a holistic health coach Meghan makes sure that she feeds her physical and spiritual body well. She met Sophia two years... Get the full story

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